European Scientific Institute


The bioHC Schools are organised by the European Scientific Institute which is a CERN-supported institution developing high level training courses in the fields of disruptive technologies and innovation. The European Scientific Institute (ESI) was founded in 1994 at the initiative of CERN-based physicists and a group of European universities in order to develop high level training courses in the fields of particle accelerators, particle and astroparticle detectors, medical physics and scientific medical computing. ESI’s Schools principally target an international audience of post-graduate students (MSc, PhD) and young professionals working in research institutes, hospitals or industry. Located at Archamps-Technopole, just outside Geneva, ESI is supported by the CERN, in the form of faculty, computing resources, etc.

CERN’s research is a powerful source of innovation. CERN is the birthplace of the World Wide Web and the place where the Higgs particle was discovered by two of the major LHC experiments, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations. The site hosts ground-breaking experiments and is at the heart of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG). To maximise the impact of its research; not only for physics, but also in terms of industrial excellence, societal impacts, return on investment, and value creation, CERN has launched the Openlab Innovation & Entrepreneurship project (I&E). The partnership with CERN Openlab will tackle ambitious challenges covering the most critical needs of IT infrastructures for healthy living  and active aging.