Competition in the field of biomedical computing and engineering is witnessing a shift from a national focus to a global scale. Collaboration is a keystone in building highly coherent innovation ecosystems for health in Europe. Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA FR), Universitat de Barcelona (UB, SP), the European Scientific Institute (ESI CERN supported, FR) and European Partner Institutions jointly set up the bioHC Schools to address the challenges associated with education, research  and innovation in health and wellbeing.

Partner Institutions

The UGA covers an area that benefits from the presence of major competitive clusters with a highly developed and dynamic innovation eco-system, gathering a strong community of innovative SMEs and joint teams from major academic and industrial stakeholders that play a prominent role in health and wellbeing. The UGA is widely supported through the « Excellence Initiative Programme” (French IDEX, Labex and Equipex),

In the same way, the UB has become an international leader in the fostering of innovation in various fields of health science, through the Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC) and the Health Universitat de Barcelona Campus (HUBc), with professionals, companies, research institutes, and a wide range of research support technology.

The bioHC program is additionally associating a strong, diverse and balanced partnership of best-in-class organisations in education, research, technology, business creation and social innovation, working together to enhance the European capacity for education, research and innovation in biomedical computing and engineering.

The following Institutions are participating in the bioHC Schools:

logo-uga  universitat de barcelona cern esi
 aix marseille université  universita de torino  karolinska institutet  maastricht university
 univerza v Ljubljani  ku leuven  UC San Diego  Berkley Lab


 bull  viseo  chu grenoble
 clinic  groupe seb  agiradom  catalunya
 babinogesus  eurecat  


Biomerieux Bioaster Lyonbiopole Archamps technopole
 serenade  modena cost  casym europe  oteci

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