Big Data for Obesity is tutorial based on a representative example of cases of obesity has been developed by Bull SA Atos technologies for use on IBD4Health School through the steps of an analytical workflow:

  • Data preparation (understanding, cleaning)
  • Data analysis including experimentation based on different models/algorithms, and on pattern recognition.

The Bull’s tutorial focuses on acquiring knowledge from the point of view of the Data Scientist as Data Engineer. It is implemented on BDCF (Big Data Capabilities Framework) and its extensions to health.

This framework integrates:

  • the components of the ecosystem Hadoop (HDFS Hadoop Hbase, Hive, Spark) for the Data Engineer’s profile; and
  • a notebook-type tools for the Data Scientist’s profile.

These components will be used in cloud mode « as a service » which will allow students to focus on the uses and not the deployment of technical components.

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